About the Foundation

The Elizabeth & Claire LaPlante Foundation, Inc was created in honor of Dr. Jon LaPlante’s wife, Elizabeth, who lost her life to suicide following their daughter’s unexpected death from a severe Adenovirus infection.  Jon’s mission is simple: To change outcomes and save lives in the two areas that devastated his own family as well as many other families.
 1) Suicide Prevention: To change the shortcomings in our nation’s current approach to suicide prevention by providing highly effective alternative medical treatments with Ketamine and various support options for Acutely Suicidal individuals. Our Suicide Survivor Network connects acutely suicidal patients with actual survivors, who are uniquely positioned to provide their own personal experience with suicide and their genuine empathy and understanding through private one-on-one personal interactions. These non-judgmental interpersonal networks prove to be an essential and critical component in the treatment of the acutely suicidal mind.
2) Adenovirus Treatment: To educate and raise awareness of the potential life threatening effects of Adenovirus so to immediately identify,  intervene and effectively implement life-saving therapies.
In addition to the primary goals of The Elizabeth & Claire Foundation, Inc.  as noted above, the foundation has created and funds a $50,000 yearly educational scholarship at the West Virginia University in honor of his daughter, Claire.