An IV Ketamine treatment saved the life of Dr. Jon LaPlante, who was acutely suicidal after the sudden death of his daughter (due to adenovirus) and consequential death of his wife (by suicide).  As Founder and Board President of the Elizabeth & Claire LaPlante Foundation, Inc. (the “LaPlante Foundation”), Jon turned his pain into purpose and created the LaPlante Foundation to change outcomes and save the lives of others.

The mission of the LaPlante Foundation is two-fold; 1. to treat acutely suicidal patients through innovative acute treatment centers with the goal of rapidly decreasing the pain and agony of the suicidal mind, and 2. to increase awareness of the need to develop clinical pathways to treat adenovirus infections.

Prevent Suicide

We seek to develop innovative suicide prevention programs, create new pathways of suicide prevention, educate, collaborate and support additional research that must be done.

Awareness of Adenovirus

The LaPlante Foundation strives to increase awareness of the need to develop innovative clinical pathways to rapidly diagnose, test, and get treatment for those disseminated with adenoviral infection.

Types of adenovirus


of respiratory illnesses caused by adenovirus

Suicides in U.S. per year

Jon’s story

Life. It’s a wonderful but brief adventure. Our path through this world shapes us into who we are. The experiences we have, the feelings present in all of us – love, joy, laughter, to name a few– form us into the precious souls we become. These experiences create the memories we all cherish throughout our time here. The truly special events are the ones we hold most dear. They inspire us, lift our spirits, and make us smile. They define our lives.

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