Types of adenovirus


of respiratory illnesses caused by adenovirus

Suicides in U.S. per year



Increase awareness of the need to develop innovative clinical pathways to rapidly diagnose children and young adults with disseminated adenoviral infection



Raise awareness and availability to increase specific laboratory testing that hospitals need to have to rapidly identify and test for specific viral load of disseminated adenovirus infection


Increase awareness and access of advanced Adenoviral treatment centers and alternative Adenoviral therapies to Hospital systems and health care providers


Support research on identification of major depressive disorders and develop innovative suicide prevention programs.


Create new timely pathways of suicide prevention that encourage and engage friends/parents/families in their role in preventing suicide



Educate community health care providers and health systems on an improved and timely referral process for individuals at high risk for suicide



Support research on the development of rapid system-wide treatment pathways for individuals that have experienced extensive emotional trauma, including but not limited to loss of a child, spouse, military personnel, etc.


Support additional research with utilization of ketamine therapy for treatment resistant depressive disorder.


Collaborate with national and international experts in Psychiatry to further efforts and develop innovative and rapid pathways concerning suicide intervention.

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